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Thanks for the layout favorite [:

Posted by dilligrout on May 21, 09 4:09 am · History

heyyyy i wanted to ask you what program do u use to make the layouts??

Posted by digitalexperience on Apr 7, 09 10:36 am · History

xD you dont' have to get it, just like it

Posted by res8zenith on Apr 2, 09 10:04 pm · History

hey, thank you for all the comments!
means alot, i really appreciate it
especially coming from a fellow designer
your layouts are all great too btw

Posted by alek on Mar 24, 09 6:16 pm · History

Woah, your screen is huge. O.O
Anyway, yes, it looks much better for me now. :D

Posted by schizo on Mar 23, 09 7:09 pm · History

Hello janie.
I'm new here on createblog and I was wondeirng if you can teach me how to put stuff on your profile? and ILOVE your picture by the way.
can we be friends ?

Posted by EHHitsme on Mar 14, 09 8:16 pm · History

hi,.. i wanted to use ur DBSK
layout.. but where do i change the the friend ID??
plz help i love ur layout

Posted by miki1904 on Nov 7, 08 3:38 am · History

haha thanks! (:

Posted by maraaa on Oct 15, 08 2:09 pm · History

Yes we shall. Ive seen a couple of McCain and Palin signs around town and I just wanna get out of the car so badly and take them down lol.

Posted by dilligrout on Oct 13, 08 12:00 am · History

thanks for the graphic comment. :)

Posted by futura on Oct 12, 08 8:09 pm · History

OMG i love that death note DIV you made!!! :D
& thank you so much for commenting on my stuff!!!
idk, everytime they accpet my stuff, the image link is ALWAYS broken, i always have to go back & edit it.

Posted by goth-nina on Oct 10, 08 1:31 am · History

Thanks for the comment :D

Posted by Decode on Oct 8, 08 3:26 am · History

hiiii i was wondering if u can change the font for the pink and black spalttered layout for myspace..

Posted by rubyknight1989 on Aug 30, 08 11:22 pm · History

thanks for the graphic comments :)

Posted by futura on Aug 11, 08 11:02 pm · History

haha, thanks?

Posted by futura on Aug 4, 08 8:31 pm · History

thanks for the fave.

Posted by brunette925 on Jun 30, 08 1:29 pm · History

hey, thanks

Posted by kat07tan on Jun 29, 08 12:04 am · History

lol i feel like that sometimes as well. But what you gonna do .

Posted by mkon91 on Jun 14, 08 11:09 am · History

the font i used is called Jane Austen from dafont.com

Posted by Brighter on Jun 10, 08 3:57 am · History

And If you are interested in the story, I'll be posting it on here along with the others soon enough. You can have a look if you want, but promise to leave comments on the stories!! hahaha

Posted by ferdon on May 5, 08 7:22 pm · History

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